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About NodeZ

Ticker: NDZ

Total Coin Supply: 50.000.000
Algo: Dagger Hashimoto
Block reward: 5 NDZ lowerd to 3 NDZ after 5 million NDZ have been mined
Block time: 20sec
Reward Distribution till block 30240: 100% Miners
Reward Distribution starting block 30241: 60% Miners / 40% Masternodes

InstantSend confirmation: ~5 seconds
Diff retarget: to be determined
Transaction Anonymity via PrivateSend
Premine 2% (1.000.000 NDZ)
Premine Split: 700.000 NDZ for Bounties and Development / 300.000 NDZ Private Developer funds (locked via Smart Contract)
Masternode Collateral: 1000 NDZ


Q: How are you going to spend dev funds and what prevents you from dumping coins on the market?
A: Team Members will be paid for their work out of the Dev Funds. This includes every dev, Community Manager, Mod and every Contributor of the community. Everyone who has a assigned job will be paid via Smart Contract. The funds will be locked in a multi sig wallet to ensure no party can use funds without consensus. Same goes for private dev funds.

Q: Will there be pools available on launch?
A: Yes, we are working with and Other pools are free to add us once we launched.

Q: Will I be able to run multiple Masternodes on the same system and if not, why?
A: No. One instance per system. Running multiple Masternodes on the same system does not add any security to the network and does nothing for a decentral network. A secure and decentralized network infrastructure is essential for the success of Nodez. A static IP per system will be required.

Q: When will NDZ be listed on an exchange?
A: We have thought about this a lot and decided to target Cryptopia as a well known mid sized exchange. We are currently holding 5.2 Million DOT, allowing us to go for a paid listing after launch.

Q: I bought NDZ during the pre sale, when will i get my coins?
A: You will get your coins on launch.